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Rogue Bass Guitar 2000s? Metallic Red 4-String

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SKU : 39011707 Category : 4-String

Rogue, Metallic Red Bass Guitar, Full Scale. Made in Korea.
Great beginner bass or for rough gigs/jam sessions/studio work where you don't need to worry about it being dropped, manhandled, or abused.
Not sure exactly when this was manufactured. I'm guessing in the early 2000s because newer Rouge bass guitars are made In China and have a model name and number on the truss rod cover.
This bass has seen use... some one forced a BOLT into the hole drilled for the upper horn strap button and cracked the horn. Also, the neck pocket has the typical fractures from someone stressing the neck/body joint. All cracks have been repaired with injected Crazy Glue and sealed with red paint. Tuning machine heads have been replaced. Strap button from horn transfered to rear of horn (final photo).

All of my guitars have been fully tested and are functional. All of my guitars have been “set up”: neck straightness adjusted when possible, fingerboard oil treated (if rosewood/laurel), action set, pickup height optimized, intonation checked, to MY PERSONAL PREFERENCES. Please note: “setups” are not “one size fits all”. Your personal set up requirements might be different from mine, so, additional adjustments may be needed to suit your setup preferences. Also, for optimal sound and playing ease, I always advise buyers to put a new set of strings on the guitar, the brand and gauge of their preference. To protect the guitar from damage, string tension will be relieved before shipping per Reverb.com requirements. You will need to tune the guitar to pitch when it arrives.

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Additional Information
Brand Rogue
Model Bass Guitar
Finish Metallic Red
Categories 4-String
Year 2000s?
Made In Korea, Republic of